Switzerland – the small country located in the Central of Europe – has been well known for beautiful landscape with romantic and impressive mountains; for watches and clocks, the products of a leading Swissmade industry; for perfect services in bank, tourism, etc… for a long time all over the world. In recent years, the business relationship between Switzerland and Vietnam has been more and more enhanced through official visits made by the leaders of the two countries, economic and culture cooperation programmes as well as the present, expansion of investment and business activities of Swiss companies in Vietnam. In the mean time, the interest of Vietnamese enterprises and individuals in Switzerland country is more, especially in international education, trading and tourism. Therefore we construct the website www.thuysi.vn / www.swissshop.vn to bring Switzerland closer to you … within your reach! 
By practical experiences got in the time staying in Switzerland, and with information collected from very trusted sources, we would like to contribute to help those who are interested in, or plan for international education, travel to Switzerland having some basic understandings before their trip. To be confident that the information provided in these items: International Education, Travel – Work, Q & A, and Link is useful for people who is going to Switzerland for the first time. Besides, the website also advertises products and services originated in or related to this small and beautiful country.
From the website www.thuysi.vn / www.swissshop.vn you will find (both in Vietnamese / English languages) general information of Switzerland country, Swiss nature and people; worldwide well-known products made by hard-working and very creative Swiss people; high quality services that makes Switzerland to be “a paradise of travel” and a leading country in bank, insurance and science and technology. Those who plan to go abroad for international education will find that Switzerland is a cradle of education and training for leading managers of economic, tourism, hotel & restaurant, banking management as well as a lot of scientific and technological researches done at Swiss National Institutes awarded many Nobel prizes. Those who are working on a schedule for travel or business will save time for preparation and will have a successful trip with good memory about Switzerland. If you need to search, buy and sell, exchange a product made in Switzerland, you will feel secure about advertisement posted on our website.
Finally, we wish you good luck and many successes in life. We also would like sending our sincere thanks to organizations who helped us for sources of information, data, and pictures to construct this website, such as Presence Switzerland (www.swissworld.org), Micheloud & Co. (www.switzerland.isyours.com), etc… Hopefully you are always giving support to us, co-operate with us to develop the website www.thuysi.vn / www.swissshop.vn with our motto “Switzerland – within your reach!”./   
Sincerely yours,
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