Preparation for traveling

What should be paid attention before going to Switzerland?


Travel Insurance 

Travel Insurance is necessary for a successful trip. Please contact with travel companies or insurers to be consulted.


When to go?

Switzerland looks very different depending on when you travel there. Each season has its advantages and disadvantages, but they're all beautiful. Here's a quick breakdown:

  • December-April - This is ski season in the Alps. If you like to ski, you'll love it here because Switzerland is considered as the Skiing Paradise of Europe. There are tons of great resorts, good snow, and many sunny days in the mountains. Christmas and February are the busiest times of the year, as all of Europe comes to ski then, but other times in the winter can be relatively quiet. For the non-skier, scenic cablecars and panoramic trains are open and are at their prettiest. You won't be able to do any hiking, but some areas have plowed walking trails. Low airfare during the winter can make this a very affordable time to travel to Switzerland.
  • May - Definitely off-season. This month is quiet and often fairly rainy. Many hotels in the mountains will be closed, although there are always places open, and the cablecars and trains are almost always open. You'll probably be able to do some hiking, although this varies from year to year. May is nice because there's a lot of snow on the peaks, but the grass is green, the wildflowers are coming up, the waterfalls are huge, and it's quiet.
  • June-August - This is the Switzerland summer. Wildflowers peak in June (and the cows haven't eaten them yet). It's a popular time, although still not as busy as in the winter. Of course, it's the perfect time for hiking and sightseeing! Early June is one of the favorite times in Switzerland.
  • September-October - The fall is a beautiful time in Switzerland as well. It's not as green and the flowers have mainly disappeared, nor is there as much snow in the high peaks (although there are always lots of glaciers), but fall is probably the quietest time of year and there's a peacefulness about traveling now that's great. The weather is usually chilly, but with very little haze which leads to superb views... great hiking weather. Whether you're walking or sightseeing, the mountains never look closer than they do on a clear autumn day. Many hotels in the mountains close, but there are always enough that remain open.
  • November - Like May, solidly off-season. It's often rainy and colder. You can't really hike and it's too early to ski. It is very quiet though, and you can still see the sights by cablecar and panoramic train and expect the beauty of fresh snow in the mountains.

Most likely, when you travel is going to be determined by what time you have available. While some seasons are better for certain activities than others, all seasons are beautiful in the Alps. No month has reliably sunny weather, nor is there any time that promises rain or snow. There's always something to enjoy in Switzerland no matter when you go!

You should also consider adding a night or two in the cities of Zurich, Geneva, or Lucerne. Swiss cities are clean and walkable, and these three are all very interesting for a day or two. Most people will need to spend a night in their departure city before flying home the next day.


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